Education projects

I have been tutoring for more than 7 years – and the one word I always go back to, when I felt lost is to remember that:

“I am a friend to my dear students”

For that matter, I always find web development, coding, and no-coding as a way to expand my teaching beyond. Here are some of the projects I have created.

Folklore Illustration project

P2P KotaBuku Top 10 Participants

This project was created on Procreate as well as for its animation. I started with storyboarding and concept building. The idea for this folklore project is to visualize how proverbs have stories behind them and I used folklore to illustrate that.

Online flashcards

When I teach kids ABCs for fun, I got the idea to develop this, as they can click and just test themselves. Teachers can use this too in their classes.

I also quickly developed a 2-letter syllable word generator after that, for fun!

Istilah web app: crowdsourced scientific dictionary in Malay

I made this to help my friends who have lists of terms in a notebook – which made it hard to track and find. I developed this by using Google Sheets and Glide apps, in under 10 minutes.

You can access this Istilah:

I will add more to this list soon.